The air ambulance services are very expensive therefore we advise our clients, where possible, to choose flights on airliners.
First of all, we assess the feasibility and advisability of the flight line, taking into consideration the nature of the disease or logistical problems, the complexity of the connections or connections that require international airports and the excessive changes.

When an airline is chosen, ensuring the well-being of the patient, AIR AMBULANCE can take care of everything you need, from booking, to the purchase of tickets, coordination with the allocated doctors which interact with our Medical Director to agree terms, conditions and coordinate the mode of transport. Also, we prepare an area on the plane, where required, with all the necessary medical equipment to take care of the patient in any way necessary smoothly and effectively.

If the airline connections do not allow the patient's arrival at the destination, or cannot fully coordinate the transfer with scheduled flights, we can arrange to send one of our aircraft for the final leg of the flight, coordinating a transfer "wing to wing" allowing us to deliver the patient directly to the chosen destination or treatment centre minimizing travel time and the inconveniences of long distance transfers by ambulance.
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