When there are no other alternatives, when you have tried all other options available or when conditions do not offer the safe and fast transportation you need, then it’s time to use an Air Ambulance. We have specially configured private aircraft as mobile intensive care units, with medical equipment and technology of the latest generation. In addition to this we have carefully selected highly skilled and trained professional staff to man these medical transport planes.
That's why our company is chosen to carry out its work on behalf of the largest and most prestigious domestic and international insurance and assistance companies, continually getting appreciation and thanks from patients and their families for the services performed.
Expressions of thanks and appreciation have become a pleasant recurrence in response to our commitment, passion and professionalism in helping others and to the "every day" work of our team which is extremely satisfying for us all.
On board a Physician Anaesthesiologist/resuscitator and an intensive care nurse provide medical care to patients of almost any condition whilst the pilot delivers them safely and quickly to any necessary location worldwide.
The Multilingual Operations Centre coordinates ambulances, airplanes and hospitals with great professionalism and accuracy, ensuring the smooth running of all transfers and keeping constant communication with all parties concerned, including families, Medcrew, hospitals and insurance companies.
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