On board the aircraft, AIR AMBULANCE offers the best medical devices and technologies currently available on the worldwide.
In addition to the principal "classics" of the I.C.U. it also has tools to deal with any given medical situation, even in emergencies, maximum efficiency and high quality service is provided giving the patient complete peace of mind. All equipment is regularly checked and maintained in accordance with its manufacturers.

In the specific cases where there is a need to transport delicate infants, new neonatal transport incubators (the Dräger Globetrotter TI 500) allows us to do so safely and efficiently. We also have the capacity to be able to provide a second incubator in the same flight using Drager 5400, should it be required.

Our Medcrew are well equipped with specialist shoes and suits like those of Formula 1 drivers, provided by SPARCO, worldwide leaders in sports clothing and equipment.
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