We now offer a free phone call service in and around the province of Milan (800-112 247) thus allowing anyone access to home examinations of Radiology, Ultrasound and Cardiology.
The home care service stems from a growing demand for fast and personalised health visits and examinations in the comfort of the patients home. Qualified and registered health care professionals offer a serious of health checks and examinations such as radiology quickly and effectively in the home eliminating the need for the patient to travel or be transported to the hospital or specialist clinic.
The service focuses on the needs of the patient and is intended particularly for the elderly, disabled, or bedridden patients suffering from debilitating diseases, whether permanent or temporary. Thanks to the home care treatment, we avoid any risk of infection as well as movements and waiting time and that might be uncomfortable for the patient.

Families and carers may benefit from our service by reducing the number of work absences and non-refundable expenses. The relationship between patient and operator is of fundamental importance in the field of health care therefore a family context is best as the patient lives more serenely in his/her fragile condition. We believe a home care service encourages and strengthens the relationship for the benefit and satisfaction of both parties.

Cervical Spine X-RAY

Abdomen Total Ultrasound

Dorsal Column X-RAY

Upper Abdomen Ultrasound

Lumbosacral Column X-RAY

Lower Abdomen Ultrasound

Thorax Coste sternum and clavicle X-RAY

Articular Ultrasound

Shoulder X-RAY

Thyroid Ultrasound

Chest X-RAY


Abdomen X-RAY


Basin X-RAY


Basin under load X-RAY


Homer X-RAY


Elbow X-RAY


Forearm X-RAY


Pulse X-RAY


Hand X-RAY




Femur X-RAY




Knee X-RAY


Knees under load X-RAY


Patella X-RAY


Ankle X-RAY


Foot and toe X-RAY


Studio bone age X-RAY


Full Skeleton X-RAY

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